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October 2017--

DDPT is updated again and again. F86M continues.

Oh, and I posted something here under the new Food Blog. Some very quick instructions on how I make chicken schnitzel noodle broth.

I'll aim to update the chainmaille section soon. Started work on commissions again and I feel that I should showcase what I make.

This site also now uses clean URLs. At long last!

June 2017--

DDPT is basically getting a revamp. As users may of noticed via the updates and revisions over the last few days.

June 2017--

Work Work Work.

DDPT has been updated as Twitter's new design broke it. Revisions will happen if I notice it needs them.

I continue to collect retro gaming. Remember. I'll take your old PC big box titles :)

F86M had a slow period, but hopefully we are back up to speed.

CAIX update moves slowly.

I've been learning ren.py to build a demo to demonstrate the engine to others. This is unlikely to be made public. But has made me want to build something more substantial when I have the time.

April (the 6th) 2017--

I've started to make this happen. Expect spreadsheets and graphs once I have something to show.

A very minor update to SPACE GAME (A CSS3 Demo) was pushed out today. Hopefully nothing broke.

April (the 3rd) 2017--

Still alive. More active on other sites I manage.

Currently working on the CAIX reboot. But since it started dev mode in 2006, I may just move the plans and roadmap up to CAXI instead (since CAX itself would be the dev channel).

Geocities friends will know what this means.

August 2016--

Added in the SWAPPER CSS example like I should of done ages ago. clicker prototypes had some updates too, but yeah.... I don't have the USB with the updates on them for that tonight.

More activity is over on F86M.com. Or you can follow me on Twitter!

July 2016--

I keep meaning to update some of the Javascript projects. But I'm lazy.

Games list has had quite a number of updates. The collection slowly builds.

F86M.com is still a thing too :)

February 2016--

F86M is slowly coming togeather as I've been adding updates of tweet archives and putting a (slightly) better design together.

Chainmaille Ball added to Craft/Chainmaille.

January 2016--

Some of you know I do an early impressions series of tweets on games I play.

Finally started putting together a site for all of them. You'll see "First 86 Minutes" over in the menu area. For now, it is a hue shifted version of this site for the theme. I'll be working on something better soon!

December 2015--

A few more things done with Space Game. Still no game logic, but should load in other browsers now. Fixes some info box overlay priorities, and adds the danger zone bar.

Also some more examples added to CSS-JS Samples.

Late November 2015--

Work as started on Space Game
You can see the progress here, but for now it only supports Firefox and requires a mouse, not optimised for touch.

There's also a Swirly Starfield effect that will be used in it when idling away from a planet

October 2015--

Started back on the clicker game, last update went out end of September.

With the falling exchange rate, the retro video and PC big box collecting via overseas assistance is not going to happen as fast as it once was. I've gone back to looking at my fellow Australian sellers, if I can find a bargain :)

Also not mentioned was two extra Stylish styles for Twitter. One that removes all the annoying who-to-follow and trending boxes, and one that is a purple theme like this site uses.

I'm still house hunting. I want my own place and to get out of renting. With my own stuff in all the rooms. And I miss being able to have a pet, beyond the occasional huntsman that wonders into this house.

August 2015--

Clicker game dev is on partial hold, but I have managed to dig up my old K&P games.

They're being reuploaded, and remade in Javascript. A prototype of CUBE6 is out now.

May 2015--

I've been working on an incremental game. Link is on the sidebar.

Mar 2015--

Portions of the sites have been updated.
I somehow goofed and gave myself a 100 kilobyte per page limit. o.O
Added a dieting list, so I better remember how much I've been shedding.

Mar 2015--

Added X-Clacks-Overhead "GNU Terry Pratchett". Sir Pratchett, you will be missed.
Fixed a why-did-I-not-notice-it error on the IE.css file. Oops. Who uses IE anyway :P

I'm currently collected and rebuilding my Big Box PC game collection.

At the moment, the Games List section is being updated after I get any packages. Just a PDF right now, but the plan is to photo and scan them all. Just need to set up some nice lighting and staging, not photos of boxes on my bed like I do for twitter.

Dec 2014--

Various illnesses and medications. I've not done what I wanted here exactly. There have been many behind the scenes stuff, so hopefully 2015 will be a better year. This one has been rather shite. Also updated this place a little bit. Hope it looks somewhat better than off white and green.

Jan 2014--

I was really annoyed by the twitter change, mainly due to the top white bar. So here is a stylish change to "fix" it.

Black top bar for Twitter


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